Large, Natural Breasts and Media Representation

It is very difficult to find representations in the media of women with large breasts. Before you stop me to say, YEAH RIGHT, look at the all the huge breasts on actresses and others in the entertainment industry, what I mean to say is: You would be hard pressed to find a representation of a natural, large-breasted woman; natural being the operative word. For women with large, natural breasts seeking a role model or even someone with whom to gain fashion advice, it can be difficult. Rather than fitting easily into button down tops or bridesmaids dresses, these women must always seek the assistance of a tailor. They must always purchase the clothing in larger sizes than necessary and have the garment taken in at the shoulders or waist. It is an ever present battle to ensure that their clothes fit them properly and comfortably.

But before the natural, large-breasted women lose hope, please refer them to double divas. Double Divas is a television show that finds these natural, large-breasted women and seeks to help them fit into their clothing better. Oftentimes, in the show, they also help the woman to feel better about her large breasts; they seek to make these women happy with their breasts and themselves. There is no better media representation out there right now.

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Big Breasts: Not More to Love, Just Me to Love

The problem with having big breasts isn’t that you have them; it’s that everyone else wants to tell you how to use them. Everyone wants “some” without knowing what it’s like to have them. Friends will say you’re lucky you got “them,” like they aren’t a part of you, but earrings you can take on and off at parties.

They don’t know how hard it gets to find support for big breasts and how easy it is to settle for the wrong bra and ignore the underwire digging into the skin, the straps pinching the shoulders and how strange it feels to walk into a store decorated with busty models but offers just petite sizes, as if the media wants the idea of you there for others to feel more, but doesn’t provide for you.

It wasn’t until the double divas showed up on Lifetime’s Drop Dead Diva that television viewers realized how few plus-sized leading ladies there are. And what’s more was that that character wasn’t showcased to be big and STILL beautiful. She was. She laughed loudly. She spun around court-rooms in dresses that fitted her shape that she didn’t want or need to lose.

She showed us a trick. Support yourself for yourself. You are the only person in existence to live in this shape, and no one else could do as marvelously as you.

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Weight Loss and Buying Bras

You have done it!  You have finally lost the fity, twenty or ten pounds you have been talking about getting rid of for the last few years.  Congratulations!  It took time, preparation and a lot of sweat, but you finally did it.  Whether it was post-baby weight or the kind of weight that just stuck around because you felt you did not have the time to work out and did not want to change your eating habits, you finally decided one day that it was time.  And you did it.  Some of you may have found that along with the weight you carried in your stomach, or maybe you legs and butt, you also lost any extra weight in your breasts.  However, others are maybe shaking their heads reading this right now.  You lost the weight but managed to maintain a large bosom.  This sort of confusing body change is often unexplicable and just simply means that this is your body type.

For those women who have lost weight but maintained their large breasts, now is the time to go out and get yourself a new bra.  To find bras for large breasts and smaller frames is easier than it looks.  Go to your nearest department store and get measured.  No doubt that your measurements have changed.  Then reward your weight loss with a new bra.  You have earned it!

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How to Wash Your Bra

As a large breasted woman myself, I know a thing or two about the art of finding the right bra. The art of finding a beautiful, well-fitting and not ridiculously expensive bra happens with the combination of hard work and a dash of good luck. The idea of continuously being on the hunt for a bra that you actually enjoy looking at, that you think others will enjoy looking at and also one in which you don’t need to sell your car to afford can be tough to take sometimes.

However, there is good news. Slowly the bra industry is catching up to the needs and wants of large breasted women. The search for bras for large breasts is, each day, being made a bit easier for these gals. With the industry catching up by increasing production of beautiful, reasonably-priced bras for the larger sizes it is important to keep a few things in mind once you find the bra of your dreams.

Ladies, once you find the elusive bra, the one you love and cherish, treat it right! First, do not put in the washing machine. Please hand-wash your bra. Second, do not even think of using regular soap or detergent. Buy soap made for lingerie only. Use it. Third, absolutely under no circumstances put your bra in the clothes dryer. It will ruin the bra and the life of the bra. Let your bra air dry. This entire process takes time but don’t you think it’s worth it after the time you spent searching for the perfect bra?

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Plus Size Bra Shopping 101

Purchasing bras has never been an easy task. If you were to ask women, all with different breast sizes, if they enjoy bra shopping, they all would likely have the same response: No. But even more specifically, larger women tend to have a less desirable and more stressful time at bra shopping. But it doesn’t have to be a painful or embarrassing experience. A lot of women have a tough time finding well-fitting bras because most do not know what their bra size is or what they are looking for in a bra. Once they know the answers to those two queries they can start bra shopping with ease. Here are a few tips on how to prepare you when shopping for plus size bras:

  • Do your research. Make sure you look online to see what is available in your size. Use the online selection to sort out what kind of style and brand of bras you like.
  • Get measured. It doesn’t have to be a professional bra fitter. Whip out the measuring tape and have a trusted friend measure your bust.
  •  Big bras tend to be more expensive. Be aware and ready to spend money on quality bras that will last and fit well. If you cannot afford full priced bras, look online and shop the sales.

Lastly, and most importantly, do not get discouraged. There are more and more resources for big-breasted women and their bra needs than ever before.

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Plus Size Bras Offer Maximum Support

If you are a full-figured woman, choosing the right bra can have a major impact on your health. Some women give little attention to the type of bra that they wear. They might visit any retailer or department store and pick a bra. But if the bra isn’t the right fit or size, this can trigger back and neck problems.

Full-figured women typically have heavier breasts and they can benefit greatly from plus size bras. Women who complain of frequent back and neck pain due to the size of their breasts sometimes contemplate breast reduction surgery. However, this is major surgery and it can take weeks to heal. Most women do not want to spend the money or deal with the recovery period. Fortunately there’s a better way to minimize pain and achieve maximum support.

Plus size bras reduce breast movement. Because these bras offer plenty of support, there is less irritation and back strain. This support can delay or eliminate sagging breasts.

If you experience frequent discomfort as a result of large breasts, perhaps it’s time that you make the switch to plus size bras. Get the comfort you deserve minus painful surgery.

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More Than a Bra Shop

The name of the new Lifetime television show, double divas, might be what pulls you in to check out the show, but the heart and soul of the two women who run the bra shop will keep you watching. These women are truly dedicated to helping women of all sizes find the perfect bra.

In one episode, the women are trying to help fit a woman who has had reconstructive surgery after going through breast cancer treatments. In another episode, the women have to help a woman with a size 102 triple Z bosom find a bra that fits. They decide they will have to make a custom bra, but no job is too small or too big…literally!

With many women wearing the strap size too big and the cup size too small, they have no idea what it means to truly fit into a bra and be comfortable. The women of double divas are bringing to light exactly how a bra should be properly fitted.  Bras for large breasts are available that can cover the entire bosom and not leave gaping spots or smooshed breasts.

Finding a shop that deals specifically with bras and bra fittings is where every woman should shop. Once you are fitted and know what your specific needs are, you will never shop at a place with random numbers and letters again.

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What’s Your Opinion?

We are looking for guest bloggers. If you are interested, use the contact form here and let’s talk!

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Losing Weight is a Breast Reduction Alternative for Some

I will start off by saying that not all women who have large breasts need to lose weight. And not all women’s bust size will go down if you lose weight.  We do not believe thin is in, here. But if you do want to lose weight, read on.

We have all heard that it takes more than just dieting to lose weight. Exercise must be partnered with a sensible diet for long-term success.

Exercise along with eating right is the breast reduction alternative that will also create a sense of strength and confidence in a woman. A woman who understands that hard work is always the answer. When she has successfully taken inches off her bust line, she will look in the mirror and know that anything else she puts her mind to is possible. This is powerful stuff!

If you are starting on this journey there are several exercises you will want to do each day. Strength training and cardio is what you are looking to include. Starting with 30 minutes of walking each day is all that is required in the beginning. Eventually, you can work up to an hour. Walking, an elliptical machine, a treadmill, or a stationary bike can help if the weather is not conducive to taking a nice long walk. If you are a swimmer, don’t forget that swimming is an incredible cardio exercise. Join the local gym or the YMCA to have access to a pool this winter.

For strength training, start with push-ups. They help to strengthen the muscles beneath the breast. Start slow and try to do 3-5 completely up and down.  If you want to perform the push-ups on your hands and knees, that is fine, just slowly begin to increase the amount to 10. Your chest will love this! And your breasts will reduce in size.

The chest press is another great exercise that will strengthen the chest muscles. You will need a pair of dumb bells (the weight is up to you, don’t go too heavy, remember you can work up to the heavy ones). Lay with your back on a stability ball and your feet on the floor. Hold the dumb bells over your head, arms straight, lower the weight until they are almost touching your shoulders and then press the weights back up. Repeat this 12 times. Remember, to keep your back straight. Never arched. Take a break and repeat. As you notice this becoming easier, and it will, you can increase either the weight amount or the amount of repetitions you perform. You will also notice your arms getting more toned. Think summer!

Remember, sport bras for large breasts will also keep you supported as you work out. This is very important as any cardio is going to pull on the tender breast tissue, Make a commitment, start small, enlist a friend and check with your physician before starting any exercise regiment.

The combination of eating right and moving the body is truly the only way to successfully lose weight. If you are a woman with large breasts and need to lose some weight, the two will happen if you commit to this healthier, bra and back friendly way of life. There is no reason to consider going under the knife for breast reduction surgery.

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We Applaud Dove’s Real Beauty

A few years ago, Dove soap launched their “real beauty” ad campaign, which rebelled against the pervasive trend of alarmingly-thin models and instead, embraced curvy, natural “real women.”

The campaign was hard to miss. Commercials, huge billboards, and ads on the sides of buses showed “large” (by today’s misguided standards) women, happily and proudly showing off their bodies in big bras and underwear. The ad spoke to millions of women and teenagers who are sick of seeing unhealthily-thin models held up as the paragon of natural beauty.

The point of the campaign – beyond selling more soap, of course – was the “challenge the perception of beauty” and show that a woman needn’t be rail-thin to be considered beautiful.

We applauded Dove’s effort and hope that other companies embrace a similar approach. We also hope that it signals a much-needed shift away from society’s unhealthy obsession with ultra-skinny women and can, over time, improve the self-esteem of busty, curvy women.

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